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Speaking to Congress

Presenting to U.S. Congress on November 7, 2017 was an honor and a pleasure. At the request of Congressman Tim Walz, Ranking Member of the Veterans Committee, our founder Mike Waldron traveled to Capitol Hill to teach our leaders the science and philosophy behind combat stress and what 23rd Veteran is doing to help remove it. Among the Representatives and staff members in attendance, Congressman Rick Nolan listened attentively and liked what he heard.

As a result, the Congressman had us work with his Legislative Director, Will Mitchell, to draft a bill that will fund organizations around the country to learn and execute our programs. The bill has been introduced into legislation. More information on Bill H.R. 5152 can be found here.


Why our brain changes in traumatic situations

Steps we can take to help change our brain back

Why veterans want their back to a wall

How to break down the veteran communication barrier in the workplace

The link between trust, service, love and our important brain chemicals

How we utilize BDNF to aid in creating strong memories

Personal stories of combat stress and triumph

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  • I cannot say enough about how his talk resonated with the veterans. You could hear a pin drop and suddenly everyone sat up straight and hung on every word. The most important part; Mike knew what he was talking about and connected with the veterans and gave them hope, encouragement and a way to for their mind to successfully put the war behind them. I truly believe his program at 23rd Veteran changes lives for transitioning veterans.
    Muna Oto
    Purdue University - EBV Program Manager