360,000 military members transition into civilian life every year. According to the Harvard Business Review, 50% of these veterans leave their civilian employer in the first year and 80% within 2 years. Retention is important for every employee on your team, and retaining veterans will net benefits beyond the skills taught through your time and resources.

Veterans come with an intrinsic understanding of team loyalty, a work ethic of sustaining reliability, and integrity. They're not afraid to work hard and take their responsibilities seriously. There's an immense value added when a veteran identifies your business as their new team. But this value cannot be claimed until your veterans and civilians understand each other's culture. Email us to learn how 23rd Veteran can help your veteran employees consider themselves a part of your team.

  • I cannot say enough about how his talk resonated with the veterans. You could hear a pin drop and suddenly everyone sat up straight and hung on every word. The most important part; Mike knew what he was talking about and connected with the veterans and gave them hope, encouragement and a way to for their mind to successfully put the war behind them. I truly believe his program at 23rd Veteran changes lives for transitioning veterans.
    Muna Oto
    Purdue University - EBV Program Manager